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bow down
 like my shirt
is it just me or did siwon and kangin also did this pose during the performance todaY? lol super junior eunhyuk twitter heechul ryeowook shindong donghae eunhyuk donghae eunhae pls tell me i've reblogged this before *dying mamacita super junior mamacita eunhae super junior airport 140824 noragami anime donghae eunhyuk eunhae precious bbs super junior 140831 airport gimpo gimpo airport wow can i have this such a cute shirt eunhae d&e skeleton eunhyuk donghae super junior a-nation leeteuk hot gramps super junior inkigayo 140831 mamacita ELF Japan japanese elf are always so lucky OTL the best merch n shiz super junior magazine fanclub elf dat stare kangteuk leeteuk kangin super junior


pic 1: Album Cover and Back side + CD cover

pic 2: Sample Pics of Booklet inside the album

pic 3: Photocards

pic 4: Poster

super junior mamacita album so this is what it's going to be like can't wait preordered super junior elf e.l.f kangin mamacita LOL